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BMW & Mini diagnostics in Birmingham

MBM Autohaus offers a full fault-finding service on your BMW or Mini. We have top-quality equipment that allows us to provide a detailed report on your vehicle's fault. Apart from diagnostics we can also reprogram car keys and provide iDrive updates.

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Our vehicle Services

Vehicle services: Our Services
BMW lights


Basic Diagnostics

An affordable service that enables us to identify what is causing your vehicle to troubleshoot. The team initially inspect the vehicle visually, then proceed to use our diagnostics software in order to identify the faulty component (s) involved. Upon receiving the diagnostics report, we are able to advise for further repairs at the customer's approval.

Fluid Leaks (Liquid, Gas)

Gas & fluid leaks can be among some of the most tedious issues to identify. At MBM Autohaus we follow a step-by-step procedure to identify where the leakage is occurring.  This may involve using a compressor or performing a chemical engine wash, as these are extra services the customer will be advised about the charge accordingly.


Electrical Diagnostics

The nature of electrical faults in modern vehicles is notoriously difficult to detect. The advanced wiring network of modern cars requires care when inspecting.  Electrical faults may show odd behaviour of the vehicle's dashboard or even disrupt the signals within the central locking system. A thorough and Advanced Diagnostics is required when identifying electrical faults.

The prices vary according to the severity of the fault and vehicle, please enquire via telephone or email to receive an accurate quotation.


General Servicing & Statutory Health Checks

The servicing and health checks of your vehicle can go a long way in improving your fuel efficiency, increasing longevity, and improving the safety of your vehicle. A list of the services we offer can be seen below:

- Full Service (Major)
- Oil Service
- Gearbox Service
- Brake Fluid Service
- Brake Pads and Discs replacements

We are also able to update your digital iDrive service history through BMW directly! This maintains your vehicle's warranty and our work is registered as approved work by BMW & Mini themselves.

The service may vary based on your engine size, vehicle package, and chassis number. Please enquire directly for a more accurate quotation.

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DPF clean

Your diesel particulate filter (DPF) is used to reduce and inhibit the release of harmful gases leaving the engine. Long-standing stationary vehicles and poor diesel quality could clog the DPF, in turn, this may affect your omission control and vehicle performance.

A DPF service consists of a chemical clean and heating process, enabling us to improve the function of the DPF at the fraction of the cost of a replacement.

With increasing environmental implications, this may help you reduce the harmful gases emitted by your vehicle into the atmosphere.

Major repairs

At MBM Autohaus our team of experienced and disciplined technicians is able to execute replacements of major vehicle components. These may follow after the team has carried out the diagnostics required, advising the customer prior to fitting. 

The parts can either be customer supplied or supplied by us as OEM or genuine parts only:

- Air suspension systems
- Clutch and flywheel replacement
- Timing chain  (Running & Non-Running vehicles)
- Turbo 
- Rocker Cover 
- Shock absorber 
- Mechanical Suspensions
- Bearing replacements
- Engine replacements (customer supplied)
- Steering components

Please inquire directly if your service of choice is not listed.

For a more accurate quotation, please enquire directly via telephone or email.

Mini Steering wheel
BMW front grill

3rd Party MOT Testing

Currently, at MBM Autohaus we do not take on the MOTs ourselves but pass the work on to a trusted neighbouring garage. This doesn’t mean you don’t get the bespoke treatment! Our team of trained technicians and specialists will inspect your vehicle prior to the MOT, especially if there are any particular concerns or previous failures in certain areas. This system increases the likelihood of you passing your MOT, ensuring the vehicle history is not tainted. By doing so, you are able to attain most of your value when you sell the car on. A tainted MOT history can affect future sell-on value.

ECU Remapping (stage 1)

At MBM Autohaus we are able to re-map certain vehicles to Stage 1. This has the potential to - Increase power and torque - make the throttle more responsive whilst offering a smoother power delivery - Improved MPG, reducing fuel consumption and the carbon footprint of your vehicle. Due to the recent demand, please enquire directly via phone or email, or using the inquiry box at the bottom of our website. We do not re-map beyond stage 1 in most cases, as further components are required, any re-maps beyond stage 1 are done under the customer's instruction.

Rear of silver Mini
Blue rear of a BMW

iDrive media updates

Ensuring your vehicle has the latest possible iDrive media update. This is subject to the capacity of your FRM module.

Aftermarket parts fitting

We are able to fit customer-supplied aftermarket parts. These upgrades enable clients to achieve different performance aspects or aesthetics for their vehicle. Examples of these include lowering springs and Xenon lights fitting. For further information please provide, your vehicle registration and the work you would like carried out.

Silver Mini
Red front of BMW

Certified warranty work

As we are VAT registered, MBM Autohaus are able to conduct warranty work for a variety of companies. An MBM diagnostics report is sent to the warranty company, and an email or phone conversation for advised repairs are sent to the warranty company’s point of contact. The customer then pays for the service and claims back their money through the warranty company directly using a unique reference number. These include: -AA -Warrantywise -Motor Angel For any companies not listed please enquire directly.

Basic repairs and servicing for other manufacturers

We may specialise in BMW and Minis, but we are able to provide a quality service for basic repairs and servicing for other vehicles. Please provide your vehicle registration and enquire directly.

Mini Cooper wheels
DPF clean
Major repairs
3rd party MOT testing
ECU Remapping
Aftermarket parts
Warranty work
Basic repairs

Devoted to Customer Satisfaction

Vehicle services: Testimonials

Highly recommend MBM! Car was fixed within a few hours and communication was great throughout. Prices were also very reasonable compared to other BMW specialists in the area. Definitely recommend MBM to anyone with a BMW.

Jeevan K

Used MBM since getting my new car last year. Have had my front and rear brakes done with no issues and done within half a day. And booked in for a major service. The technician called me up and had an honest conversation about how just an oil change was sufficient until next year. Saving me spending money on something that wasn't needed. For that reason, they will do all my maintenance on my 2 series going forward. Thanks, MBM

Jay C

I have used these guys a few times now as we have 2 minis (a cooper S and a Countryman) and I have been really impressed with their work.

They were honest up front and delivered both cars on time at a cost way below what a main dealer would do.

Keep up the good work guys.

Kully V

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